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Parenting is never easy.

The Mum in Dubai

Ariana is a young mom and an avid blogger of Italian descent. She got married in 2012 and shifted to Dubai, a couple of years, later with her husband. Dubai seemed the perfect place to have a little family. So, Ariana and her husband decided to have a baby. They have a growing family of two little kids, Alessandro, who is a naughty active boy now 28 months old and little Martina who is just 5 months old and growing up fast.

Since Dubai allows mothers to have affordable help, Ariana can take time out from active parenting and find some time for herself. Being an active writer and blogger, she decided to share her parenting experience of being a Mum in Dubai with other mothers. Her blogs are geared towards providing practical advice about parenting and bringing up children in a foreign country, away from supportive family and relatives. She talks about her trials and tribulations, her joys and frustrations of motherhood and all that comes with it.

Who is Mama in Dubai For?

If you are a young mum in Dubai, testing waters in a foreign country, read Ariana’s Blog on Young Mothers in Dubai called Mama in Dubai. She will write about her experiences from illnesses, injuries, finding help, food, best play areas, etc. in Dubai. if you wish to connect with Ariana to offer advice or seek it, leave her a message on the contact page.

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