Maid support – importance and benefits of having a maid

Employing a full-time maid can be very beneficial to many families. The number of families in Dubai that decide to get a maid service is increasing from day to day. There must be a good reason why is that so! With all the social pressure we experience on daily basis, and the hectic life we live, we definitely are in a need of a helper. Especially when it comes to taking good care of our children, or our home.

Importance of hiring a maid

You certainly don’t want to neglect your children while trying to provide them a brighter future, working all day long. On the other hand, as a parent, you also need some time for yourself to exhale and relax – the only way to be productive tomorrow is to treat yourself right today!

Maid service in Dubai, being affordable, provides many families the needed help, as to cleaning the house, preparing lunch, getting the children from school, etc. Many reasons why more and more families in Dubai decide to hire a professional maid. You might not be used to having a maid in your house for half of the day at the beginning, but I assure you that you will quickly become comfortable with the idea of having a full-time helper next to you.

Benefits of having a maid support

There are more and more companies that provide maid services in Dubai, meaning there are more families realizing the benefits of having a professional helper at home.

As we all know, household chores are time-demanding. Routine tasks that are not always pleasant to be done, especially not after having a stressful day at work. Professional maid will do that instead of you, through a smoother and less time-demanding process. That’s why she/he is a professional!

Doing the laundry, cooking for your family, buying groceries, cleaning the entire house. Having these everyday routines done by a maid, you can enjoy the rest of your day outdoors with the loved ones.

You can focus on you work! If a successful career is something that you pursue, you definitely need some time for yourself in order to “recover” from the hectic day you had today and be productive tomorrow. It can be challenging to keep a full-time job and be a full-time parent, wife/husband. Let a maid help you with the household while you build a successful career path.

Get a maid so that you can simply enjoy the free time! Go for a jogging, trekking, camping, swimming, visit your friends and families and spend some quality time outdoors with them, knowing that there is not the “laundry part” waiting on you to do it!


Consider the importance and use the benefits of having a maid at home. It can be a real relief knowing there is a person you can fully trust that helps you ease the process of maintain the household. Don’t forget that not only they help you, but you also help them by hiring them

Cleaning service in Dubai after renovation

Taking on a renovation project can be exciting. Getting rid of the old furniture, old walls’ color, and replacing it with a new, brighter, more modern design, is really fulfilling. That said, it is not without a challenges as the excitement of giving your home a new look comes at the cost of constant noise, dirt, dust, and debris. The less fulfilling part comes after the builders have left. Even if you were renovating one part of your house, there is so much cleaning to be done in order to deal with all the mess. And someone has to do it, right? A good thing about the cleaning issue is that there are many cleaning services in Dubai that are willing to undertake after-renovation cleaning.

In order to make the after-renovation cleaning process easier, you can secure and protect the space around that area, therefore making it less exposed to dirt.

  1. Clear the site by removing valuable things – before you start doing anything, make sure you made the site safe and secure because that is your priority at the beginning of the renovation project.
  2. Empty the area – the area that is being renovated has to be empty of all the furniture before any action is taken.
  3. Protect the floor and use covers – to avoid any huge after-renovation cleaning, make sure the floor is well-protected with a proper cover
  4. Clean on a daily basis – don’t miss any day because at the end you will find yourself devastated by how much work is left to be done


After Renovation Cleaning

The project does not come to an end with the renovation part being done. Although the area that has been renovated might look clean, it still needs deeper cleaning as well as the rest of the house. In order for you to take a break after days of dealing with the whole project, we advise you to hire a home cleaning service that offers specialized, professional, deep cleaning. It’s not going to be that expensive and you will have your house cleaner and brand new within hours. This step also accompanies moving the furniture back into place, so you will definitely need some help.

There is a lot to be done by the cleaning service and you don’t want none of these steps to be skipped. Let’s take a look of the whole cleaning process and make sure the result will be a just renovated, shiny, clean, house.

  • Make sure they remove all the debris; vacuum the house; sweep the floors and other surfaces;
  • Wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth; use sanitizing wipe; air the house;
  • Double check for any paint spots left on the floor, on the surfaces; use cleaning tools and avoid any damage to happen;
  • Place the furniture at its place; clean the windows and hang up the curtain after you washed them;
  • Clean the rest of the house.

Only when you finish with the last step, you can say the renovation project is done. Luckily, there are very good cleaning services in Dubai to help you ease the process of after-renovation cleaning.



When Babysitter is Your Life Saver

When Babysitter is Your Life Saver

Anyone who has been a parent and raised kids will agree that it is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life. The children, even when they are older, still have their demands and need time and attention from you.

For working parents, there is always the need to cram in as much of love and attention in the short time the parents have with their children as is possible. For stay at home parents, it is even more demanding as there is a constant need for supervision and caring all day long. Which ever way one looks at it, getting time off to be on your own can sometimes be a huge relief. Also, whether you are  working or a stay at home parent, spending quality time with the children is a luxury when there are chores to be done and things to be taken care of. These daily chores can often take precedence over spending time with the children. There is little or no time for parent’s today to enjoy family time with children. But this can all be rectified, by hiring a baby sitter. Babysitting in Dubai is fast becoming an necessity as the parents can hire a babysitter to take over some of the more tedious tasks to caring for a child while they can catch up with life and their kids.

Benefits of Hiring a Babysitter

Finding someone for babysitting is not difficult at all. There are always women available who will work as nannies for babysitting in Dubai. These women can be hired through various services or through word of mouth. Once you have found someone, then life becomes easier. The nanny can take care of the children while you are at work and also take care of a few of the most essential chores at home. You can ask a nanny to do the following:

Do your laundry – the babysitter can be entrusted with taking care of your laundry. They are already familiar with the house and the appliances and this becomes a natural extension of their usual work of looking after the children.

Cooking or prepping for meals – Here again an extra pair of hands is welcome. The nanny is an ideal choice as she knows your family’s food habits and preferences and can help you either by cooking the meals or by chopping and preparing for the meals.

Cleaning the Kitchen and dishes – nannies can also be recruited to come once in a while to clean up the kitchen and help with the dishes. Here again they already know the house and the routines and where they dishes go, so the familiarity can be put to use by paying them extra for the time they spend doing chores for you.

Picking up children – this is another task that can be delegated to the babysitter. The person who is babysitting for you in Dubai can be entrusted to pick up your children from school, kindergarten, etc. when you are too busy to do it yourself.

Shopping – You can safely pay your babysitter to do some basic grocery shopping for you. You can leave the list with her so she can pick up all that you may need, giving you precious time that you may utilize as you see fit.

Your babysitter can actually help you a lot more than you had imagined. So next time you need some help around the house reach out to your nanny.

Babysitter Feedback Time: Some Useful Perks

Small group of people

Coming back home after leaving the children with a babysitter in Dubai, all the parents want to do is to pay the babysitter and get her off so they can relax with the kids. The money is ready and counted and after a quick thank you and payment, you let your babysitter go. The babysitter too is perhaps in a hurry to be off and gladly accepts the money and leaves. This is the normal routine most parents follow, but that doesn’t make it right. You need to get the feedback of the time the babysitter spent with the children.

This should not be an interrogation but just a friendly way to know what happened during the day and if there were any problems to discuss them and find a way to solve them. This requires spending a little time with the sitter and asking some specific questions. This will give you and the babysitter an opportunity to interact and if the baby sitter is a regular will give each a greater understanding of the children, their behaviour and each other, making the babysitting process more fruitful in future.

Questions to Ask

There are a few questions that you need to focus on. These are:

  1. Did the children eat? – If the sitter was there during a meal time, then you should ask this question. You will then know if your children may be hungry or not later and when to feed them again.
  2. Did the mealtime go well? – This will let you know if the children threw a tantrum or ate their meals properly. If the children threw tantrums or complained about the meals, you need to talk to the children and also inform the babysitter of the food preferences of the children in case you are in a hurry to show the babysitter out, think about these questions. haven’t already done. If you had left instructions to prepare a certain meal, it will let you know whether the meal was a success or not.
  3. Did you have fun together? – this questions will open the way to ask questions about the activities that the sitter and the children did together and if the sitter was competent and well liked by the children or not. Also, it will give you an idea of the activities that they did together so you could approve or disapprove of the activities.
  4. Did the children go to bed on time? Where there any bedtime battles? – If the sitter had to put the children to bed then this question should be asked to find out if the children went to bed on time or whether the babysitter was struggling with them at bedtime.
  5. Were there any problems? – this question would cover all aspects including major or minor accidents, misbehavior of the children, sickness, tantrums or bad behaviour, etc.

Once the short conversation is over and you have your feedback, you should thank the babysitter before she leaves. If you get the feedback in front of the children, they should also be included in the conversation, so you can hear both sides of the story. This feedback time is an important indicator whether your children and babysitter get on with each other or not.

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