Babysitter Feedback Time: Some Useful Perks

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Coming back home after leaving the children with a babysitter in Dubai, all the parents want to do is to pay the babysitter and get her off so they can relax with the kids. The money is ready and counted and after a quick thank you and payment, you let your babysitter go. The babysitter too is perhaps in a hurry to be off and gladly accepts the money and leaves. This is the normal routine most parents follow, but that doesn’t make it right. You need to get the feedback of the time the babysitter spent with the children.

This should not be an interrogation but just a friendly way to know what happened during the day and if there were any problems to discuss them and find a way to solve them. This requires spending a little time with the sitter and asking some specific questions. This will give you and the babysitter an opportunity to interact and if the baby sitter is a regular will give each a greater understanding of the children, their behaviour and each other, making the babysitting process more fruitful in future.

Questions to Ask

There are a few questions that you need to focus on. These are:

  1. Did the children eat? – If the sitter was there during a meal time, then you should ask this question. You will then know if your children may be hungry or not later and when to feed them again.
  2. Did the mealtime go well? – This will let you know if the children threw a tantrum or ate their meals properly. If the children threw tantrums or complained about the meals, you need to talk to the children and also inform the babysitter of the food preferences of the children in case you are in a hurry to show the babysitter out, think about these questions. haven’t already done. If you had left instructions to prepare a certain meal, it will let you know whether the meal was a success or not.
  3. Did you have fun together? – this questions will open the way to ask questions about the activities that the sitter and the children did together and if the sitter was competent and well liked by the children or not. Also, it will give you an idea of the activities that they did together so you could approve or disapprove of the activities.
  4. Did the children go to bed on time? Where there any bedtime battles? – If the sitter had to put the children to bed then this question should be asked to find out if the children went to bed on time or whether the babysitter was struggling with them at bedtime.
  5. Were there any problems? – this question would cover all aspects including major or minor accidents, misbehavior of the children, sickness, tantrums or bad behaviour, etc.

Once the short conversation is over and you have your feedback, you should thank the babysitter before she leaves. If you get the feedback in front of the children, they should also be included in the conversation, so you can hear both sides of the story. This feedback time is an important indicator whether your children and babysitter get on with each other or not.

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