Cleaning service in Dubai after renovation

Taking on a renovation project can be exciting. Getting rid of the old furniture, old walls’ color, and replacing it with a new, brighter, more modern design, is really fulfilling. That said, it is not without a challenges as the excitement of giving your home a new look comes at the cost of constant noise, dirt, dust, and debris. The less fulfilling part comes after the builders have left. Even if you were renovating one part of your house, there is so much cleaning to be done in order to deal with all the mess. And someone has to do it, right? A good thing about the cleaning issue is that there are many cleaning services in Dubai that are willing to undertake after-renovation cleaning.

In order to make the after-renovation cleaning process easier, you can secure and protect the space around that area, therefore making it less exposed to dirt.

  1. Clear the site by removing valuable things – before you start doing anything, make sure you made the site safe and secure because that is your priority at the beginning of the renovation project.
  2. Empty the area – the area that is being renovated has to be empty of all the furniture before any action is taken.
  3. Protect the floor and use covers – to avoid any huge after-renovation cleaning, make sure the floor is well-protected with a proper cover
  4. Clean on a daily basis – don’t miss any day because at the end you will find yourself devastated by how much work is left to be done


After Renovation Cleaning

The project does not come to an end with the renovation part being done. Although the area that has been renovated might look clean, it still needs deeper cleaning as well as the rest of the house. In order for you to take a break after days of dealing with the whole project, we advise you to hire a home cleaning service that offers specialized, professional, deep cleaning. It’s not going to be that expensive and you will have your house cleaner and brand new within hours. This step also accompanies moving the furniture back into place, so you will definitely need some help.

There is a lot to be done by the cleaning service and you don’t want none of these steps to be skipped. Let’s take a look of the whole cleaning process and make sure the result will be a just renovated, shiny, clean, house.

  • Make sure they remove all the debris; vacuum the house; sweep the floors and other surfaces;
  • Wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth; use sanitizing wipe; air the house;
  • Double check for any paint spots left on the floor, on the surfaces; use cleaning tools and avoid any damage to happen;
  • Place the furniture at its place; clean the windows and hang up the curtain after you washed them;
  • Clean the rest of the house.

Only when you finish with the last step, you can say the renovation project is done. Luckily, there are very good cleaning services in Dubai to help you ease the process of after-renovation cleaning.



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